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I vincitori degli ORIGINS AWARD 2006

Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design ha annunciato i vincitori degli Origin Award 2006 per tutti i prodotti pubblicati nel 2005.
Anche quest’anno sembrerebbe che siano state meglio considerate le produzioni Americane, potete leggere le nomination qui, di seguito la lista dei vincitori…
2005 Game of the Year
WARMACHINE: Apotheosis
Privateer Press, LLC (booth 201)

Board Game of the Year
Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean
Siren Bridge Publishing, Inc. & Z-Man Games, Inc (booth 815)

Collectable Card Game or Expansion of the Year
Ravnica: City of Guilds expansion for Magic: The Gathering
Wizards of the Coast

Traditional Card Game of the Year
Atlas Games (booth 211)

Role-Playing Game of the Year
Archaia Studios Press (booth 836)

Role-Playing Game Supplement of the Year
GURPS Infinite Worlds 4th Edition
Steve Jackson Games (booth 211)

Miniatures Game or Expansion of the Year
ATZ – All Things Zombie
Two Hour Wargames

Miniatures of the Year
Wargods of Aegyptus: Harbingers of Bast
Crocodile Games

Historical Board Game of the Year
Lock æN Load: Band of Heroes
Matrix Games (booth 1101)

Historical Miniature Game or Expansion of the Year
Hawgleg (booth

Historical Miniatures of the Year
10mm WWII Personality Set
Game Figures, Inc.

Nonfiction Publication of the Year
Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine
Legio X, Inc.

Game Accessory of the Year
The 13th Hour – Roleplaying Soundtrack
Midnight Syndicate (booth 607)

Vanguard Innovative Game Awards
Future Magic Games

Perplex City
Mind Candy

Temple Games, Inc.

XIG: The Four Elements
GT2 Fun & Games Inc. (740)

Vanguard Unique Game Awards
Battleground: Fantasy Warfare
Your Move Games, Inc. (booth 907)

Infinite Armies

World at War
Matrix Games (booth 1101)

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil
WizKids (booth 401)

GamerÆs Choice Best Board Game of the Year
Shadows Over Camelot
Days of Wonder (booth 311)

GamerÆs Choice Best Collectible Card Game of the Year
TriKing Games (booth 621)

GamerÆs Choice Best Traditional Card Game of the Year
Paranoia: The Mandatory Card Game
Mongoose Publishing (booth 301)

GamerÆs Choice Best Historical Game of the Year
Axis and Allies Collectible Miniatures Game
Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast

GamerÆs Choice Best Role Playing Game of the Year
Margaret Weis Productions (booth 211)

GamerÆs Choice Best Miniatures of the Year
WARMACHINE: Apotheosis
Privateer Press, LLC (booth 201)

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