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Origins Awards 2005 – Le nomination

The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Þ lieta di annunciare le nomination per l’edizione 2005 degli Origins Awards.
Di seguito la lista…Best Play-By-Mail Nominees: (Play-By-Mail College)
Fall of Rome – Enlightened Age Entertainment
Imperial Wars – Intelligent Life Games
Legends – Harlequin Games
Medieval Warlords – Ancient Guardian Enterprises
Middle Earth PBM – Battle of the Five Armies – Games System, Inc.

Best Historical Board Game or Expansion Nominees: (Historical College)
Axis & Allies D-Day – Avalon Hill (Booth 501)
Gettysburg: Badges of Courage – Columbia Games
Memoir ’44 – Days of Wonder (Booth 1104)
Soldier Raj – Avalanche Press (Booth 819)
Sword of Rome – GMT Games LLC

Best Historical Miniature Line: (Historical College)
10 mm Ancients Line – Old Glory Miniatures
10 mm American War of Independence – Old Dominion Gameworks
15 mm Crimean War Range – GFI/Minifigs
Birth of the Broadside Range – Merrimack
WWI: Western Front 28 mm – Brigade Games

Best Historical Miniature Game or Expansion Nominees: (Historical College)
Dawn of the Rising Sun: The Russo Japanese War 1904-1905 – Clash of Arms Games
Desert Rats – British in the Desert – Battlefront (Booth 221)
Fire As She Bears! 2.1 – Starboard Tack Press
Stalingrad – German and Soviet Infantry, City Fighting Rules – Battlefront (Booth 221)
The Face of Modern Battle – Gammazon

Best Board Game or Expansion Nominees: (Board Game College)
Betrayal at House on the Hill – Avalon Hill (Booth 501)
Bootleggers – Eagle Games (Booth 809)
Dos Rios: Valley of Two Rivers – Mayfair Games, Inc. (Booth 701)
Ticket to Ride – Days Wonder (Booth 1104)
War of the Ring – Fantasy Flight (Booth 525)

Best Miniatures Game or Expansion Nominees: (Miniatures College)
A Call to Arms (Babylon 5) – Mongoose Publishing (Booth 1108)
Aetherverse: The Infinite Game of Miniature Battles – Triskele Game Design Studios
Attack Vector: Tactical – Ad Astra Games (Booth 800)
Nin-Gonost – Fantastic Forges Inc. (Booth 711)
Rippers – Great White Games

Best Miniature or Miniature Line Nominees: (Miniatures College)
Elmore Dragons – Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc.
Komodon Command & Troopers – DragonRune Miniatures
Lord of the Rings TMG Balrog – Sabertooth Games (Booth 409)
Parkinson Masterworks – Dark Sword Miniatures, inc.
Parkinson Masterworks – Male Knight – Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc.

Best Collectable Card Game or Expansion Nominees: (Collectable Card Game College)
Duel Masters Trading Card Game – Wizards of the Coast (Booth 501)
Spycraft Collectable Card Game – Alderac Entertainment Group (Booth 401)
Vs. System – Marvel Origins – The Upper Deck Company (Booth 101)
WarCry: Death and Honor – Sabertooth Games (Booth 409)
X-Men Vs. the Brotherhood – Upper Deck Entertainment (Booth 101)

Best Traditional Card Game or Expansion: (Traditional Card Game College)
Camelot Legends – Z-Man Games, Inc. (Booth 514)
Cthulhu 500 – Atlas Games (Booth 612)
HEX HEX – Smirk & Dagger Games (Booth 215)
Space Shuffle – Playroom Entertainment (Booth 415)
Station Master – Mayfair Games, Inc. (Booth 701)

Best Role-Playing Game Nominees: (Role-Playing College)
Ars Magica 5th Edition – Atlas Games (Booth 612)
Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game – Wizards of the Coast (Booth 501)
GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition – Steve Jackson Games (Booth 509)
The Authority Roleplaying Game and Resource Book – Guardians of Order (Booth 614)
World of Darkness Storytelling System Rulebook – White Wolf (Booth 106 and 109)

Best Role-Playing Game Supplement Nominees: (Role-Playing College)
Dark Champions – Hero Games (Booth 925)
Eberron Campaign Setting – Wizards of the Coast (Booth 501)
GURPS Dragons – Steve Jackson Games (Booth 509)
GURPS Fantasy – Steve Jackson Games (Booth 509)
Unearthed Arcana – Wizards of the Coast (Booth 501)
Vampire: The Requiem – White Wolf (Booth 106 and 109)

Best Fiction Publication Nominees: (Game Support Category)
Knights of the Dinner Table – Kenzer & Company (Booth 823) MechWarrior: Technology of Destruction – WizKids, Inc. (Booth 915)
Path of the Bold – Guardians of Order (Booth 614)
Secret of the Spirit Keeper- Wizards of the Coast (Booth 501)
The Rite – Wizards of the Coast (Booth 501)

Best Nonfiction Publication Nominees: (Game Support Category)
Dragon Magazine – Paizo Publishing LLC (Booth 325)
Dungeon Magazine – Paizo Publishing LLC (Booth 325)
Places To Go, People To Be – Steve Darlington
Pyramid Magazine – Steve Jackson Games (Booth 509)
Scrye: the Guide to Collectable Games – Krause Publications (Booth 325)
The Excellent Prismatic Spray – Pelgrane Press

Best Game Accessory Nominees: (Game Support Category)
Cardboard Heroes Castles – Steve Jackson Games (Booth 509)
Cardboard Heroes Modern Characters – Steve Jackson Games (Booth 509)
HackMaster Combat Wheel – Kenzer & Company (Booth 823) Mage Cage – Active Minds Solutions, Inc. (Booth A-01)
The Card Coffin – Cheese Weasel Logistics (Booth 213)

Per partecipare alle votazioni bisogna dimostrare di essere degli addetti ai lavori e recarsi qui.

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